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I need to learn how to lineart again.

Got sidetracked. At least I've finally established the  mood I want.
Outer Heaven
Was doing some studies. When I have an artblock or run out of fuel I do studies. Been a while since I actually drew on paper. Feels good, mate. Cleaned it up a bit in photoshop.
The Phantom Kohai by DeadXCross
The Phantom Kohai
Senpai never noticed so she went to Africa and became a BOSS. She's already a demon.

Based on a cool story. . . bro.
Wow. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last posted a journal entry. Sorry bout that. DA looks quite different and I like the options in the journal area so I'll try to make sure this isn't a boring read.  Ever since I moved to Australia I've been quite busy adapting to life here.  Aside from the flora and fauna that try to kill you on a daily basis I quite love it here.  The amount of jerkiness you'd expect from the locals is surprisingly small compared to what I've experienced all my life back in the Philippines. Then again I did come from an underdeveloped country so these first world problems don't really bother me. As much as I have this ever burning hatred for the incompetent and corrupt government officials that run the Philippines I still plan on retiring there. I love the people and I love my home town. If you ever plan to visit my home town back in the Philippines, chances are you'll never want to leave.


I sadly have almost zero social life since I got here. The only socializing I've ever had was with my in-laws who visit from time to time. Most of the time I go out with my wife during her day-off as we explore more of Melbourne together or we enjoy each other's company at home watching movies, playing video games, or doing absolutely nothing together.  I've played a few games of the 2009 SPACE HULK reprint which I bought roughly a month ago with my cousin-in-law who regularly visits us weekly and I love it. Where has this game been all my life?! Probably the best board game I've bought so far since the Arkham Horror series. Otherwise I've been busy with looking for more part-time jobs to take to fuel my vices and eventually visit my country again. Money saved will be used to live a decadent lifestyle for a month before returning here to Australia. I got my permanent residency status awhile ago so that's a great thing.

1011746 10152300380822056 1125625966478709362 N by DeadXCross
"Of course there's fucking genestealers you . . . FUCK!!!"


Guardians of the Galaxy - Was a blast. Felt like being a kid again. Was really great watching it on IMAX 3D. The soundtrack was glorious.

Wolf Creek 2 - Everyone who plans on visiting or staying in Australia should watch this film. I thought it was quite funny.

Sin City 2 - Somehow I still like the first one better except this one has Eva Green. HNGGGGHHHHH.


I'm still pretty picky when it comes to anime so I usually end up watching them when someone of similar taste recommends them to me. Here are some of the animes I've been watching this year.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusader - The manliest anime to hit 2014. It's the story of the Joestar family and their tragic history as they save the world in the most manliest and fabulous way every now and then. Each season/generation stars a different protagonist of the Joestar bloodline and it's often amusing to see how they take after the previous generations before them. Jotaro is hands down my favorite of the Joestar bloodline. If you've never watched or heard of JOJO before then you should start now. This new one done by DAVID PRODUCTION is so good and faithful to the source material that you don't even need to read the manga any more. Jojo has influenced so much of today's anime you'll realize that watching it is like watching ALL if not MOST of the shonen animes you've ever watched.

Stalloneprincejojo 1 by DeadXCross
You know it's true.

Sword Art Online 2 - Finally some Cyberpunk. The first season was pretty much cyberpunk in a way I guess but it was just too fantasy oriented that it kinda overshadowed the cyberpunk feel. Not saying it's bad since I actually liked the first season of SAO. That being said I like the setting for the 2nd season more and the action is pretty tight. 

Tokyo Ghoul - It was pretty good in the first few parts then it kinda died for me. 


I've been playing a lot of video games to keep my sanity in check. Here are some that I enjoyed very much.

The Last of Us: Remastered - First off I have this allergic reaction to hype, escort missions, and kids (Yes kids), so when I saw the trailers I honestly thought this was going to be an over-hyped high budget Hollywood escort mission staring a washed-up Nathan Drake and Ellen Page. An hour into the game and so far I actually like, care, and even feel for the characters. I honestly don't like kids in general but I'll be damned if I said my favourite character wasn't Ellie. The game looks great with a lot of gorgeous lighting and the soundtrack really gets you in the mood of the setting. The characters are well written and the acting is amazing. It's literally like playing a movie. A very GOOD movie. So far my wife and I are enjoying it.

Ellie Joel 2 by DeadXCross

Killzone: Mercenary - This. This is a proper Killzone game. The guys behind this game should have been the ones in charge of the main killzone game for the PS4. I've always wanted to murder IFS soldiers in the main campaign and this game has done a great job of fulfilling my IFS murder fantasies. This game also has some great mechanics along with stunning visuals which is amazing for a portable game. The lighting, graphics, and music are amazing for a portable title. I usually play it now with the HUD, kill, and ammo counter turned off to better immerse myself in the gorgeous setting. Money is what drives you and the story is surprisingly simple as it is enjoyable compared to the usual killzone game. The game only has 9 missions but don't let that number discourage you. There are 3 different ways of completing each mission known as contracts and depending on which one you pick you'll have to finish it in a certain way which adds A LOT of replay value to each mission and trust me, The replay value is sky high. Oh and the Multiplayer is amazing. If only I knew enough friends locally to ad-hoc this wonderful game.

2014-06-21-162815 by DeadXCross
2014-06-15-204401 by DeadXCross
 2014-06-26-062045 by DeadXCross
 2014-06-16-051821 by DeadXCross 
2014-06-20-222910 by DeadXCross
2014-06-20-202237 by DeadXCross
2014-06-21-162647 by DeadXCross

The only thing this game lacks is a sequel.

Gravity Rush - I don't think I'll ever get enough of this very underrated game. Though most of it really has a lot to do with the fact that it was released as a launch title on the PS VITA and back then the VITA was pretty much short for Virtually.Impossible.To.Afford. Kat is a very, strong, charming, and independent character shrouded in mystery. Hopefully you get to play more than just her in the sequel if that ever happens. The game has a lot of very nice characters. I wouldn't mind playing as Raven at all. Mmmmmmm Raven.  It still amazes me that this game was made by Keiichiro Toyama the guy known for writing and directing the first Silent Hill game.

2014-04-15-230635 by DeadXCross

Danganronpa -
If you like Battle Royale, Saw, and Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, then you'll love this game. It has a very unique art style and the trials are exciting. Very exciting. Junko Enoshima and Kiyoko Kirigiri are mai waifu. The soundtrack is also good at getting you pumped up. Don't get too attached to any of them though. 

2014-08-31-192758 by DeadXCross
2014-08-31-195047 by DeadXCross
2014-09-01-001038 by DeadXCross
2014-08-31-194727 by DeadXCross

Soul Sacrifice Delta - I love the art and lore of the game. I just wish it allowed me to explore more instead of just throwing me at a boss or an objective directly. Otherwise it's a gorgeous looking game with a very depressing setting. The music is great and at times enchanting. I mean Just listen to this.

And lets not forget the art and the in-game models. Everything about this game is gorgeous except it gets boring pretty fast especially if you don't have someone to regularly play with you. Otherwise it's a great game. Anyone who likes gritty dark fantasy settings would enjoy it.

2014-05-29-124434 by DeadXCross

Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends - I love this game so much I've finished everything on the hardest difficulty. Feels so good. Also I just like to point out that I like the short Genroku Legends more than the actual Muramasa game. Probably because the stories are short and digestible and also have a lot to do with Japanese folklore which I quite enjoy. Still. I can't help but feel how I'm actually more attached to each of the characters in this short self contained series. A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting has got to be my favourite among the Genroku legends followed by Fishy tales of the Nekomata. I'm going to go as far as saying Arashimaru is even more of a badass than Kisuke and on top of that he only has 7 days to live. All of the Genroku stories have this underlying tone of melancholy which I love so much in the Muramasa Rebirth universe. The game looks gorgeous hands down thanks to George Kamitani's art. If you like metroidvania-ish games then look no further. The soundtrack for each of the stories is different and very well made.

I'll add more later.

As for commissions I still do them so if you're interested send me a note accompanied by how much you are willing to spend and whether or not this is personal or for commercial use. We can do half now and half later or fully-paid. I only accept paypal so if we ever agree to something I'll send you the details. I can do anything be it fanart, original character, hell even pervy stuff for those so inclined, but be warned, I'm fair but I'm not cheap.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Greetings warp-spawn daemon filth,
I am Brother-Captain Cross, and I hate every single one of you. You are all pathetic, disgusting, God-Emperor forsaken filth who spend every second of their day being violated through every orifice at the whims of your patron Chaos God, figuratively and literally. You are everything wrong in the Imperium of man. Honestly, have any of you ever been visited by the Ordo Malleus? I guess it’s fun playing with people's lives and getting raped(figuratively) by my daemon hammer after your pathetic onslaught, but you all take it to a whole new immaterium. This is even worse than getting slapped by Slaanesh's dick but I guess your into that shit.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I am pretty much one of the perfect examples of a living legend in all forms of combat and warfare. I can shatter a carnifex open with just one swing of my daemon hammer, I go around hunting daemon filth on a strike cruiser under my direct command. I killed my first greater daemon when I was still a Justicar, I especially enjoy placing my daemon hammer in places your daemonettes would disprove of because I enjoy hearing them scream, I hemorrhage so much faith and holy righteousness every Daemon I encounter start losing their shit. so What have you done, other than lose your connection in the physical universe whenever I'm around? I also have my very own Terminator squad at my disposal, and I have a very attractive lord inquisitor in my party (She just accused me of heresy; Shit was so inquisitive.). You should all just kill yourselves and save me the trouble of killing you myself over and over again. Thank you for listening. I'll be seeing you very soon.

Pic Related: It's me and my Lady Inquisitor.

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